Winter League Updated Rules

The new netball rules have been active worldwide for most of the year but these changes will take effect in the Netball Ireland from September 1st 2016. Links for further information have been supplied in the accompanying email, but here are the key changes you should be looking out for when the new rules come into effect:

Taking a throw in

The player taking the throw in must have at least one foot within 15cm of the line. Previously the player must have placed one or both feet immediately behind the line.

Defending a shot at goal

A defender may not deflect a shot at goal on its downward path towards the ring (this includes touching the ball up through the net. This is a new rule addition as previously this wasn’t specifically covered.

Centre Pass

The Centre must have at least one foot wholly within the centre circle before the pass is taken. This rule has been relaxed slightly as previously the Centre would have been penalised if any part of their foot was on the ground outside of the centre circle as the pass was being played.

Penalty Pass

Once a player taking a penalty pass is in the correct position, the player may choose to either play the ball immediately or wait for the infringer to stand out of play.

Previously the player taking a penalty pass had to wait until the infringer was standing out of play. A player who did not wait until the penalty was “set” was penalised.

Short Pass

When a player passes the ball there must be sufficient space for an opposing player on the court to be able to intercept the ball as it moves from the hands of the thrower to the hands of the receiver.

Delaying Play

Delaying play (either accidentally or deliberately) is considered foul play – in some cases it could affect the outcome of the match. A penalty pass is awarded and the sanction is advanced.


Players may come into physical contact with each other as long as they’re striving to claim the ball. If they do not interfere with each other’s play or use their bodies to gain an unfair advantage over their opponent, it’s deemed to be contest and play continues.

Goal Scored/Ball Out of Court

The umpire will now signal that a goal has been scored by raising one arm vertically. The umpire will no longer blow their whistle when a goal has been scored or the ball has gone out of court.