U17's Squad

Huge congratulations to the Netball Ireland U17 squad finishing 4th in the Netball Europe Under 17s event in October 2018. Netball Ireland are looking to build on this result are working towards the 2019 Netball Europe Under 17s event in Gibraltar in March 2019. For any queries in relation to this squad contact us via the “Contact us” section of the website.


Netball Ireland’s U17’s Squad regularly compete at Netball Europe’s Championships. The squad is competitive and the players are dedicated to their craft.

Name: Ally Morgan
Position: WD/C/GD

Name: Ava Casey
Position: WA/C

Name: Corey McGlynn
Position: GD/WD/GK

Name: Danielle Conway
Position: WD/GD/GK

Name: Emma Mclean
Position: GA/GS/WA

Name: Erin Clynch
Position: C/WA/WD

Name: Karimah Zaiter
Position: WD/GK/GD

Name: Lana Hayes
Position: GK/GD

Name: Phoebe Lennon
Position: WA/C

Name: Roisin Maguire
Position: GS/GK

Name: Ruby Hughes
Position: GA/GS

Name: Sara Simon
Position: GA/WA

Name: Jennifer O’Brien
Position: Manager

Name: Jennifer O’Brian
Position: Manager