Netball Clubs

Netball Ireland runs a very successful winter and summer league. This league wouldn’t be successful without the dedicated clubs and the teams within these clubs.

If you are interested in joining a particular club please feel free to contact the appropriate persons.


Club: Cork Rebels Netball Club
Club Contact Name: Mary Kelly
Contact Email:
Club Facebook: 


Club: Dublin Galaxy Netball Club
Club Contact Name: Keiryn Williams
Contact Email:


Club: Leinster Netball Club
Club Contact Name: Elaine McCarthy
Contact Email:
Club Facebook:


Club: RCSI Netball
Club Contact Name: Jingting Cheah
Contact Email:


Club: St Annes Netball Club
Club Contact Name: Shelly Coleman
Contact Email:

Club: St Michaels Netball Club
Club Contact Name: Sinead Williams
Contact Email: 


Club: Dublin University Netball Club Trinity
Club Contact Name: Zelie gallagher
Contact Email: Zelie Gallagher
Club Facebook:


Club: Dublin U.C.D Netball Club
Club Contact Name: Cheree Fitzgibbon
Contact Email: 
Club Facebook: