Mixed Year

Here you will find results and upcoming matches for the schools mixed division.

Coming soon…

DateHome Away
07/10/2016Jesus And Mary College0-0Notre Dame
St Micheals1-5St Tiernans
14/10/2016St Tiernans8-18Jesus And Mary College
Wesley College0-0Notre Dame
St Micheals5-20Rosemont
21/10/2016Jesus And Mary College0-0BYE
Rosemont0-0St Tiernans
Notre Dame2-8St Micheals
11/11/2016RosemontvJesus And Mary College
BYEvSt Micheals
St TiernansvNotre Dame
18/11/2016St MichealsvJesus And Mary College
RosemontvNotre Dame
BYEvSt Tiernans
25/11/2016Notre DamevJesus And Mary College
St TiernansvSt Micheals
02/12/2016St TiernansvJesus And Mary College
Notre DamevBYE
RosemontvSt Micheals
20/01/2017BYEvJesus And Mary College
St TiernansvRosemont
St MichealsvNotre Dame
27/01/2017Jesus And Mary CollegevRosemont
St MichealsvBYE
Notre DamevSt Tiernans
03/02/2017Jesus And Mary CollegevSt Micheals
Notre DamevRosemont
St TiernansvBYE