AGM Nominations

To – Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Officers and Executive Committee Members:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Netball Ireland will take place on Tuesday 24th July 2018. In accordance with the constitution of Netball Ireland formal notice including venue/time/agenda will be available at least 14 days before the AGM.

Any proposed resolutions or proposed amendments to the Constitution/Bye-Laws of Netball Ireland for inclusion on the agenda must be received in writing by the Secretary ( by Thursday 5th July 2018.

Unless in default of membership fees each Affiliated Club is entitled to 1 vote at the AGM. All individual members who are not in default of membership fees are entitled to attend and speak but they are not allowed to vote unless they are representing an affiliated club or school or are otherwise entitled to vote under the Constitution.

Netball Ireland encourages all members to attend and participate. Can each Club please send at least one representative to the AGM and confirm to the Secretary ( who your nominated voting representative will be.

Netball Ireland would like to see all Affiliated Clubs involved in the running of Netball Ireland and supporting the development of netball throughout the country. Nominations are invited from all Affiliated Clubs for the following positions:

– President (Officer of the Association)
– Vice-President (Officer of the Association)
– Secretary (Officer of the Association)
– Treasurer (Officer of the Association)
– Press Officer (Officer of the Association)

– Coaching Convenor (Executive Committee Member)
– Umpiring Convenor (Executive Committee Member)
– International Squads Manager (Executive Committee Member)
– Fund Raising Officer (Executive Committee Member)
– League/Clubs Representative (Executive Committee Member)
– Schools Representative/Youth Development Officer (Executive Committee Member)
– Wed Coordinator (Executive Committee Member)

Nominations (including details of the proposer and seconder) must be received by the Secretary ( by Thursday 5th July 2018. Nominations must state the name and email address of the nominee and include the written consent of the nominee